Our Team

Eri hair kuwayama

Eri, Salon Owner

Born in Nagoya city in Japan, Eri attained her cosmetology license in 1994. After gaining two years of work experience, she decided to come to New York to open her own business. Eri received her NY stylist license in 1996 and went on to found Hair Kuwayama hair salon in March 1997. At the salon she is known for the New York downtown style, such as low maintenance and easy to do at home hairstyles. Eri has been working in the US for more than 17 years and has become part of the local community and has almost 80% of non-Asian clients. Eri mainly specializes in dry cuts, sculpting cuts, cutting dimensionally and coloring. Her passion is more the natural, easy going or asymmetric modern and edgy style.

Tsuki hair kuwayama


Tsuki is an experienced and professional hair stylist from Tokyo, Japan. Before he came to New York in 2011, Tsuki worked as a professional hair stylist for 9 years at a top salon back in Tokyo as well as for many fashion and hair style magazines. Since he has been working in New York, Tsuki has already worked for the NY fashion week and for mentionable local fashion magazines. His specialties are layer cuts for long and short hair, as well as perms that look like natural waves. It´s very important for Tsuki that hair style, face, clothes and character fit together. He is working at Hair Kuwayama every Tuesday and Sunday.


Aki Hayashi hair kuwayama


Aki began her burgeoning career as a hair stylist in Osaka, Japan where she worked as a top stylist in the same company for 15 years. She has had extensive experience working for fashion shows, hair shows and magazine shoots; many times travelling to Europe and NYC for her work. Aki moved to NYC and has been a stylist at Hair Kuwayama since 2013. Aki’s specialty is the “dry haircut,” which creates a style customized to each client’s hair type, lifestyle and desired look. She also prefers to apply the “hair permanent wave,” to provide clients with a soft, ethereal style without hair damage. In her spare time Aki is an avid traveler, and enjoys cooking delectable meals daily.

Kyoko hair kuwayama


Hair is considered to be an art.

I worked in a Japanese beauty salon called “Boy” (http://boy-inc.com) based in Tokyo for seven years.

In 1997, I came to NYC to optimize all of the high-skilled, creative cutting techniques that I adapted and learned during my time in Tokyo. I worked at another salon called “K2 Salon” for eight years before joining Hair Kuwayama in 2014.

My concept and idea of hairstyling is based on each client; hair texture, shape of your face, personalized look to suit your lifestyle and complement your individuality.

Everybody needs to change their image once in a while, and I would like to be the one to help make that happen. My goal is to have each client walk out of the salon feeling fabulous. Come spend time with me. Together let’s create the look you have always been dying for!!!!

Ritsuko hair kuwayama

Ritsuko Hotaka

Ritsuko has had a flourishing career as one of Tokyo’s premiere hair stylists. Before arriving state-side, she finished a twelve-year tenure as the manager of a top hair salon based in Tokyo. Within her repertoire of techniques include her fantastic control of ombre, balayage, and highlighting. She has been consulted on her knowledge of digital perm and Japanese straight perm, which some in Japan consider the most difficult technique, often yielding the highest quality.

Outside of her commitments at the salon, she is often recruited to do hair and make-up work for famous Japanese fashion magazines and hair catalogs, many a time working with celebrity clientele. She’s repeatedly a featured lecturer at hair coloring seminars, burgeoning the new generation of stylists.

Koichi hair kuwayama


Koichi got his start in Japan, his home town Fukuoka, in 1991 as a beautician. After learning the basics, he went to Tokyo, then to NYC in 1996. He has gained experience as a hair & makeup artist for 11 years there. After being invited as a wedding beautician of a Japanese wedding company, he moved to Hawaii & Guam to work for them. After accumulating 10 years of experience in the wedding industry, in addition to lots of media shooting work, he has come back to NYC.